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A non-partisan movement

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What is a SEQR?

Layman’s Explanation of SEQR or Environmental Review Process

Kingston NY Municipal ID

Learn the arguments FOR Municipal IDs in Kingston NY

Who represents a city when it is sued

Watch this to learn about who represents a city in a lawsuit

Why Do Cities Need To Borrow or “Bond Out” certain emergency needs?

Watch this short video to better understand the term “Bonding” and what Cities resort to borrowing in certain cases.

Property Tax Components

Watch this video to learn about how property tax rates and assessment interact.

Kingston Approval Process for Local Projects

Watch this video to better understand what oversight the City of Kingston exercises over developers.

NYS Average PILOT Tax Break Per New Job Created

Watch this video to learn how Kingston NY PILOTS compare with NY State-wide Averages

Kingston NY Form of Governance

Watch this short video for a quick overview on how the City of Kingston, NY functions.

PILOTS-Who Approves & Monitors

Watch this video to learn more about PILOTS. Who reviews and votes on PILOT requests and who monitors developers’ performance?

How do PILOTS affect your property taxes?

Watch this video to learn more about how tax breaks to developers can INCREASE your property taxes!

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